Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well, it's been too long I know. Things at work have been much busier and that's a good thing and yard work and mosquito battles have kept me away.

I MUST get some pictures on this site. I finished The Collared Shawl from Sally Melville's book and it is my prize so far. Certainly the most advanced project (yes, I'm a newbie) and I am still beaming with pride that I finished it. It was conceived as a gift for a dear friend's birthday and I swear, if it had been for anyone else I would most likely have kept it for myself. Hopefully I will manage to make a second one soon.

Right now I'm working on a poncho (more of just a cover-up actually as I hate at admit to the poncho thang) out of Colinette Giotta and it's looking pretty darned cute. Another gift but one of these days I'm gonna make something for me, me, ME!!

Of course there are other things on needles around the house. One cute little flouncy scarf out of Eros and then my Big Bad Baby Blanket which I frogged almost completely. Let's see, the baby is due in August, it's my boss's first grandchild and it's ALMOST JULY!!!!! I've got to focus on this one and get it done.

BUT the thing I'm most proud of is the Fuzzy Feet that I started last night. For some reason, I was SO intimidated by that pattern and I'm thinking it's only because they're very sock-like and socks scare me a lot. Anyway, I almost finished one last night and I can't wait to get home this evening to take a shot at finishing it. This next step will require the dreaded dpn's and instead of being terrified, I'm really anxious to get started. The best thing about this is that I've been dying to try knitting socks. Every local knitter that I know hates making them or refuses to try so I'm alone in this little adventure. I think success with Fuzzy Feet will give the incentive I need to try a real sock pattern. We'll see anyway. I'm VERY glad there is a 3-day weekend looming which will give me a little extra time.

I'm gonna try to become more loyal to my blogging in hopes that it will help motivate me to improve my knitting skills and also help me to escape my current surroundings.

Pictures soon!!!