Friday, August 12, 2005

California Dreamin

Wow, has this all been a dream? I've been in SoCal since late (verrrrrry late) Tuesday night and still, I can't believe it. After the flights from hell and arriving San Diego with NO luggage, I finally managed to get settled in and registered. The conference has been interesting and I've met some incredibly nice and interesting people.

Tomorrow I'll hit the good ole San Fernando Valley for a whirlwind visit with old friends and I just can't wait!!

I've been too tired from the conference sessions to get any knitting done. Actually my poor, broken body has barely managed to get me back to my hotel at the end of each day. I had hoped to meet up with Inky while I was here but alas, that was not to be. Maybe before my next trip, I'll miraculously become a person who can put a plan together. Maybe???

I'm tired and will be heading to bed by 8 pm at the latest. Come on Saturday!!