Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Something new

I know, it's been a while huh? I'm always so disappointed when I check on a favorite blog and see no new posting and here I am being SO guilty of the same thing. Bad blogger!!

I finished my clapotis. It came out really nice and I'm proud of the finished product. I love looking at all those stitches, so uniform, so neat. The photo session didn't work out well so I'll try that again and get a picture of it on here. The only thing I don't like about it, and it's a biggie, is that I made it with acrylic yarn and it feels awful. I was too intimidated to purchase good yarn for it and now I'm paying the price. I'm pretty sure there's another clapotis in my future but I'll take a break from it first. The pattern was interesting and fun and it's a nice shawl and one I could get a lot of use from so worth the investment.

After that big project (it was a big project for me), I needed something a little quicker so I started a scarf. This is Alchemy's Silk Purse yarn and it feels devine. If only I had kept track of how many different patterns I've tried, it's a wonder the yarn isn't worn out! I'm happy with this one so here we go!

The photo really sucks and you can't tell how wonderful the yarn is but you can make out what it will look like at least.

I guess one little new project wasn't enough so I also started the wavy scarf from knitty. It's pretty cute and fun but no pic. How sick is that anyway? I can't even stick with one little bitty scarf project without getting into another one. And if you remember, there's still that baby blanket for my boss' daughter that needs to be finished. I'm sick!

I'm out of time but will try again with the pictures this evening. Adios!


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